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Leave it to Kate Spade to pub­lish yet another insightful book on the artful skill of hosting a party, dec­o­rating a house, and cre­ating a style of your own. In her book, “All In Good Taste”, KateFullSizeRender 3 Spade presents the case for cre­ating a cul­ture of enter­taining that stems around unique food pair­ings, flower arrange­ments, and fes­tive tips that will help trans­form any reader into an all-​​knowing hostess, pre­pared for the ulti­mate shindig.

kate-spade-new-york-all-in-good-taste-book-561648If you want to be the hostess with the invi­ta­tions that everyone is dying to receive, then it is essen­tial to follow the steps in the first chapter in “All In Good Taste” regarding every­thing from the flowers to the music and set­ting of the table. While it may seem like a daunting task to throw an authentic and classic party with per­sonal flare, we are reminded it is impor­tant to remember: “Enter­taining, if it doesn’t go

FullSizeRender 2awry, then it isn’t a party.” With the stress of per­fec­tion off your shoul­ders, you can move on to more impor­tant things, such as the guest list and dec­o­rating the bar cart (we can never forget the booze!).  The book fol­lows the nat­ural pro­gres­sion of the thought process of a hostess to ensure that every small detail is accounted for, even down to dance steps to teach the guests (and maybe refresh your skills as well).


Through a mix of quotes, text, awe inspiring pic­tures, and hand­written notes, Kate Spade inspires party per­fec­tion to encourage even begin­ners to plan gath­er­ings for friends and family. To help with strate­gizing, FullSizeRender 5Kate Spade has even included blank pages with head­ings to prompt “new­bies” in the right direc­tion and aid the pros in staying orga­nized. Even chief cre­ative officer, Deb­orah Lloyd, adds in per­sonal tips such as her party no-​​no, “not turning up”. Don’t fret the wavering feeling that you will not be able to pull it off, with the guid­ance of “All In Good Taste” you will have immense amounts of knowl­edge that will last you a lifetime.

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Between the vibrant pages and pic­tures, a reader can deter­mine if she relates to Daisy or Jan Vil­leneuve, opts for a fancy or a casual set­ting, and if she would prefer a NYC brunch or garden party. The book allows any reader to indi­vid­u­alize their style and create some­thing that is unique to their likes and dis­likes, even including a “create your own fea­ture” on a variety of recipes. Is your party going to involve chil­dren? Kate Spade still has you cov­ered, offering advice on fun and games to pro­vide, depending on the age level. Kid 4068146aa4fd6a62197fb841f9748debfriendly cha­rades, adult wine tasting, and steps to the salsa are just a few of the tips that this book will put into your arsenal.

In order to end the book in a proper way, it is only fit­ting that the last sec­tion is ded­i­cated to man­ners and how to, “mind them mod­ernly.” Nat­u­rally there is the classic art of dec­o­rating a salon wall and the appro­priate way to behave at a party, but there is also assis­tance in crafting the per­fect text mes­sage and con­trol­ling social media.


All In Good Taste” encom­passes every­thing there is to know about the enter­taining world. How can you not help but fall in love with a book with inspiring words from leading designing ladies (*cough cough* Elise De Wolfe and Dorothy Draper) and Kate Spade her­self telling you to “eat cake for break­fast”. Whether you are in need of a toast in a pinch, or tips for cov­ering all five senses when plan­ning, this book is a must have in any household.

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