Grinning for Shagreen, Boasting for Burl Wood

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If you have scrolled through some of our favorite Made Goods and Worlds Away prod­ucts, you have noticed that many are avail­able with “faux sha­green” fin­ishes and that select col­lec­tions boast burled wood. As one of our favorite ways to add subtle tex­ture to your fur­ni­ture and room, we thought it was only fair to pro­vide you with a short his­tory lesson about these looks.

The use of sha­green dates back cen­turies to the French Aris­toc­racy– talk about making a room royal. During this time period, the gran­ular tex­ture of stingray and shark skin (keep in mind our prod­ucts are faux!) adorned most leather prod­ucts and small acces­sories. It was not until the begin­ning of the Art Deco period that designers like Clement Rousseau and Jean Michael Frank incor­po­rated this

con­cept into larger fur­ni­ture pieces. In the past five years, designers such as Made Goods, Arte­riors Home, Empo­rium, and Regina Andrew thought that if sha­green was good enough for the French Aris­toc­racy, then it is good enough for us! Through the use of resin molds, these com­pa­nies inte­grate the sha­green tex­ture onto fur­ni­ture pieces ranging from coffee tables to head­boards, even lighting. Its durable finish and subtle touch of pat­tern make it one of CGH’s must-​​haves for any room in your house!

Burl wood? What? Don’t worry, we won­dered about the idea too for a while! The eas­iest way to think about this recently preva­lent tex­ture of many of  Worlds Away prod­ucts is to think of it like you think of a marble finish, but of wood. Under­neath a layer of lac­quered good­ness rests a unique cut of wood that is not com­monly found on  fur­ni­ture. The “wild grain” has been twisted and inter­locked to deform the wood, cre­ating the “burl” – hence the name. Because it is hidden within the tree’s root system, this cut is truly an orig­inal find and some­thing that will surely be a talking point in your home. Worlds Away has cre­ated its pieces as a small hint to the past, but added in flare for classic ele­gance that ensures they will be tran­si­tional pieces lasting into the future!


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