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The Power of Pos­i­tive Thinking

            Do not even try to deny the fact that when someone around you is over-​​joyous, it often makes you seethe with anger inside. At first you are angry with them but it turns into anger directed at your­self for trying to take away their hap­pi­ness. If you were to look deep down during these exact moments, you would realize the feeling you believe to be anger is actu­ally jeal­ousy. Why do they get to walk into the office every morning with a smile on their face when they haven’t even had coffee yet?!

            We’re going to let you in on a small secret– you can be these people! It just requires inte­grating pos­i­tive thinking into your day-​​to-​​day activities.

            The best way to tackle this task is to sur­round your­self with lines and quotes that are appealing and moti­va­tional to start your day off right. Whether it is a small frame in the bath­room that reads, “Dar­ling a beau­tiful thing is never per­fect,” or a pillow in the bed­room that states, “Hello Sun­shine,” a visual aid is proven to help remind people to think pos­i­tive and hit the ground run­ning. The good vibes do not have to be exclu­sive to the home, bring them into the work­place as well! Just as your, “But first, Coffee,” kitchen towel helped you to beat the Monday morning blues, a small pic­ture in your office that reads, “Kill them with Kind­ness,” will help you stay calm and opti­mistic throughout the rest of the day.

            Inspi­ra­tion is around every corner; you need only to
open your eyes to the pos­si­bil­i­ties. Imagine how many times you look at your phone screen or com­puter during a typ­ical day– imagine reading a short quip such as, “#dowork” said number of times and how it can actu­ally moti­vate you to act dif­fer­ently throughout the day. A simple switch such as a phone back­ground or even a make up bag, can impact your state of mind. It is the same con­cept that you will want to carry over into all parts of your life, including your home. In addi­tion to art­work reminding you to, “Be happy, for this moment, this moment is your life” other steps can be taken to increase the pos­i­tive spirits in your home.

1.     Space free of clutter- Orga­ni­za­tion is a key step in order to keep your mind at ease throughout the day. Walking into a room with items thrown every­where will instantly throw your mind astray and stress can inhibit your ability to enjoy the moment. Any house owner knows that it is vir­tu­ally impos­sible to de-​​clutter every spot in your house, but try to keep the mess down to one “junk drawer” to help save your own sanity.

2.     Lighting- While it may be some­thing dif­fi­cult to con­trol, incor­po­rating nat­ural light into as many spaces in your home will change the entire atmos­phere of the room. If nat­ural light is not avail­able, make sure to inte­grate a variety of other lighting sources from sconces to chan­de­liers. Only sticking to lamps– or even using a too high watt light bulb– can affect the “wel­come­ness” that you ulti­mately want a room to emit.

3.     LOVE it– Very few things will bring you more joy than being able to walk into a room, looking around, and absolutely loving every­thing you see (think– when you walk into your favorite store
and sud­denly become giddy and full of hap­pi­ness and you have yet to pick up a single product). Don’t settle for mediocre items just because you do not think you will be able to find some­thing better. Hold out for the good stuff and you will not regret it.

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