Black is the New Black

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Everyone is always trying to think of what the next “it” color is going to be, where they can find it, and how can they incor­po­rate it into their home. We’re going to let you guys in on a little secret… BLACK is back! Although it never truly went away, this time­less color is exactly that, time­less. While black is some­times regarded as the “non-​​color,” it has been around for ages and still man­ages to take the color world by storm, time and time again. How could you not love a color that Coco Chanel has built her daily wardrobe around? Just remember, coffee is black, and if coffee has any­thing to do with it then there is no way it can be flawed!

While black embodies all things good and dandy in the fashion world, in your home it can also work to create that look of subtle sophis­ti­ca­tion that you have long been craving. A neu­tral color, black has the ability to blend into many rooms, while still pro­viding a sense of depth and allure. As a com­monly used base option, you will be able to find almost any piece of fur­ni­ture in black and cer­tainly some that are made in black exclu­sively - lucky you! A sig­na­ture dark couch will become a standout piece in your living room. Addi­tion­ally, dark uphol­stery will also help to hide any dirt and stains, the kind that most fur­ni­ture will accu­mu­late from reg­ular use. This has the added ben­efit of being kid and pet friendly! The color is not just lim­ited to fabric; it can also be used to make a state­ment with larger pieces of fur­ni­ture. The black con­crete from which this Made Goods table is con­structed high­lights its grandeur. The black suede of this Noir room divider really lends an air of opu­lence to the piece. Rather than having fur­ni­ture easily upstaged by acces­sories, a black finish will aid the pieces to create their own pres­ence in a room. Amy Grant tells us that, “Without black, no color has any depth. But if you mix black with
every­thing, sud­denly there’s shadow — no, not just shadow, but full­ness. You’ve got to be willing to mix black into your palette if you want to create some­thing real.” Grant speaks to the depth of the color black, which can also tran­spire through the values of the color. While sticking with a dark scheme, you are able to add in pieces that can range from light gray, to char­coal, to “pitch black,” all vari­a­tions of the orig­inal color that will com­pli­ment each other in a room.

Now we know that some of you might be hes­i­tant to join the “dark side.” We will for­give you even­tu­ally, but, until then, there are smaller items you can start off with to help ease your­self into the tran­si­tion. Try intro­ducing a dark table lamp that has some dec­o­ra­tive fea­tures, like an Arte­riors piece. Once you come to like it LOVE it, you can then grad­uate to some­thing slightly larger like a black fin­ished wooden mirror. These great home acces­sories will help prove to you just how well black can play into the color scheme of your home. Having con­crete visual proof will help you pur­chase larger pieces to be strate­gi­cally placed throughout your home. If you won’t take our word for it, please heed the cre­ative wit of Neiman Marcus, “Women who wear black lead col­orful lives.” We realize the orig­inal con­text of this quote per­tains to clothing selec­tion, but we feel strongly that it still applies. Whether it is through the addi­tion of a small acces­sory or a bold fur­ni­ture piece, choosing black will make all the dif­fer­ence in your home!

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