Healing your home with Agate

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Exactly how feng shui is your home?  Did you know that one of the eas­iest ways to get there is by adding agate stones in var­ious rooms?

Agate is a form of quartz that varies in color, shape and is used in var­ious feng shui cures. Much akin to cloud watching, agates char­ac­ter­is­ti­cally has beau­tiful banding that can reveal fas­ci­nating shapes, forms and layers. This geode embodies a unique com­bi­na­tion of ener­gies. It has the strength and solidity of a stone, flu­idity of water and the translu­cency of air.

The colors of agate also rep­re­sent dif­ferent healing prop­er­ties. Blue agate is a bal­ancing and healing energy. Red, or fire agate is also healing but in a more ener­gized manner. Green agate is healing and refreshing. Agates in gen­eral are healing and pro­tec­tive, as well as grounding.

One of our favorite ways to bring in the stone is by adding agate book­ends to any area that you feel needs healing. Kat­rina Raphael, an authority on healing with crys­tals, rec­om­mends blue agate in the east (health) and south­east (wealth) areas of your home. In addi­tion, the nour­ishing qual­i­ties of fire agate work well in the south­west ( love and mar­riage) area of your home.

Our agate book­ends are just what you need to get your­self in per­fect working order.  Try one on your desk in your office and enjoy a pro­duc­tive and suc­cessful work day!

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