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I try not to blog about any ONE item, but I can’t help it this time. I am absolutely obsessed with this green velvet Tanner chair. I don’t know what it is?! Is it the lucite legs? Sleek design? The velvet?!!! George Costanza once declared that he would drape him­self in velvet, if it were socially accept­able. Maybe it’s the word “velvet” that is drawing me to this chair? I’ll let you in on a story from my col­lege days. I was looking for a Christmas party dress and found a fab­u­lous little velvet number. The store didn’t have it in my size so the sales clerk offered to call around to other stores. Well, she kept saying “belbet” on the phone and the other clerks obvi­ously didn’t know what she was saying because she had to keep repeating it over and over. It was so cute and I stood there trying not to chuckle. To this day when­ever I hear the word “velvet”, in my head I hear “belbet”. So, fab­u­lous green belbet chair, enjoy your day in the spot­light. You are simple sleek fab­u­losity with those clean lines, lux­u­rious fabric and super sexy lucite legs. I lust after you and I WILL have you as a state­ment piece in my home. Come to Momma! I told you that I was obsessed with this chair and you will be too.

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