Bright Lights.

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Nothing is as trans­for­ma­tive for a room as a beau­tiful light fix­ture. A glass chan­de­lier or unique lamp can com­pletely change your space. We were recently inspired when we saw these unique hanging fix­tures at Rathbun’s Restau­rant in Atlanta, Georgia.   The space was modern and fresh, but the pink accent warmed it up.  The cylin­drical, struc­tured light cre­ated a calm ambiance that made the restau­rant even more enjoy­able.  If you’re looking to cre­atively enhance and brighten your space, take a look at the Satel­lite Chan­de­lier fea­tured below. The regal color and droplet shapes make this chan­de­lier a standout piece. The con­tem­po­rary design of these fix­tures soothes the space and will cap­ture the eye of any guest.



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