Add Feathers to Your Decor and Make Your Rooms Soar

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We’re not talking about your Grand­mothers feather boas, but rather HIGH CLASS fluff! Deca­dent layers. A touch of opu­lence. An organic yet modern edge. Move over Mr. Afflack duck, we have Fifth Avenue feathers in mind. Feathers are an emerging trend in decor this fall. Create a fas­ci­nating tex­ture that feels very fall, very ele­gant and very now.

Clayton Gray Home is thrilled to present our new line of in house designer feather chan­de­liers. Unique, hand­made and avail­able in 5 stun­ningly bold colors that will evoke an etheral feel where ever you decide this fix­ture will reside. Dining room? Office? Nursery? The fab­u­losity of this fix­ture can not be lim­ited to one room! Avail­able in three sizes so you can embrace this trend in a big or small way.

The de Feuilles pen­dant is simply stun­ning if you have some­thing smaller in mind. Does the thought of feathers make you sneeze? Then try the Vesoul Chan­de­lier fea­tures feather like appear­ance made from del­i­cately carved wood. For the heavy metal lovers, the Falcon Chan­de­lier from Arte­riors Home fea­tures intri­cate iron­work resem­bling the eye of a feath­ered friend. Pheasant under glass? How about “Fallen Feathers” from Nat­ural Curiosi­ties to hang in your gallery or living room. Need to reflect a bit? Then the Jackson Mirror is per­fect for you.

Nat­ural tex­tures, vibrant colors and high flying style. The bird is the word!

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