Cocktails with Brass

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Some BRASSY Cocktail...Tables.

As Shown Above (top left to bottom right): Jacques Lucite Coffee Table by Jonathan Adler, Jack Cock­tail Table by Arte­riors Home, San­tiago Iron Cock­tail Table — Burnt Brass by Arte­riors Home, Zena Oval Cock­tail Table by Arte­riors Home

Whether looking for a cock­tail or coffee (table that is), it is more than accept­able to go with a bold piece!   This is the focal point of con­ver­sa­tion when enter­taining and sit­ting at your sofa and accent chairs.  Brass is a ver­sa­tile classic look to aid in blending other metals in a room.  When paired with mirror, Lucite or glass they take on a shining per­son­ality!  Brass has a warm feeling, like the piece is a col­lectible in your family for years.

Now, for some­thing delightful to serve on your deli­cious table!  Below is a mind-​​blowing brassy recipe we found by Chef Marcus Samuelsson of Red Rooster in Harlem.  Move over Mimosa and Bloody Mary, there is a new brunch bev­erage in town!  BACON BOURBON COCKTAIL!

Bacon Bourbon Cocktail Recipe

(above photo & recipe cour­tesy of   mar​cus​samuelsson​.com)

  • 1/​2 bottle (375 ml) bourbon
  • 5 strips bacon
  • 1 carton blackberries
  • Honey
  • Bit­ters of your choice


For bourbon:

1. Cook the bacon in a medium-​​sized skillet and reserve 11/​2 ounces of ren­dered fat. Pour the bourbon in a glass con­tainer and add in the bacon fat.

2. Let stand at room tem­per­a­ture for at least 4 hours. Place the con­tainer in the freezer until the fat is solid­i­fied at the top.

3. Skim off fat with a slotted spoon and strain the bourbon into a sep­a­rate glass con­tainer using a fine strainer. I rec­om­mend using a coffee filter to get the clearest bourbon.

For cock­tail:

1. With a lemon juicer, squeeze the black­ber­ries until you have 1 ounce of juice (8–10 blackberries).

2. Muddle 4–5 black­ber­ries in a rocks glass and fill with ice. Add 2 ounces of bourbon, 1 ounce of black­berry juice, 2 tea­spoons of honey and 2 dashes of bitters.

3. Stir and gar­nish with black­ber­ries and a bacon swizzle stick.

Cheers, you brassy thing you!

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