The “Other” Traditional Seating

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As shown from bottom left to top right:  Bali Floor Pillow — Man­darin , Bali Floor Pillow — Zinc , Quilted Flax Floor Pillow — Pea­cock , Bali Floor Pillow — Peacock

For a little under 8 cen­turies, Floor Pil­lows were used only by nobleman until they became common in all house­holds.  There are many tra­di­tional uses for the pil­lows, such as; dining, med­i­tating, tea cer­e­monies, and watching TV.  Great to have on hand for extra seating when enter­taining guests or enjoying a leisurely after­noon read.

Lace­field Designs has cre­ated these modern graphic pat­terns of ethnic chevron stripes in casual colors for any home.  If looking for a neu­tral, the quilted flax with a blue trim is per­fect!  Handle is ideal for car­rying to & fro!

Here’s another fun fact:  There are 3 ways to politely sit on a floor pillow with the cor­rect posture:

  1. In a kneeling posi­tion with both legs tucked under your body.
  2. With legs fully crossed in front of your body.
  3. With legs to the side (most typ­ical of woman because of wardrobe)

How/​where will you use your Bali Floor Pillow?

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