Tough Love

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This season its all about spikes and spears!  In both fashion and decor, this edgy state­ment is in com­mand.  Check out this recent post from Smashion​.com fea­turing a few of the latest fashion trends to emerge making this state­ment edgy, but most impor­tantly, wearable!
We’ve done tufted, we’ve done studded, and now we present Tough Love…our ode to this season’s edgy state­ment that has us all on point!
Clock­wise from Top Left:  Our Dawn Mirror by Made Goods, the Zanadoo Chan­de­lier by Arte­riors Home, Urchin Set in Matte Silver by Dwell Studio, the Prescott Oval Iron Mirror by Arte­riors Home, our Tubular Burst Sculp­ture by Dwell Studio, our Silver Horn End Table, and Dwell Studio’s Con­verge Votives in Brass.

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