CGH Makes No Bones About Their Top 5 Picks From Market!

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Okay, day 5 of our trend spot­ting at High Point last week.  Bone…on mir­rors, chairs, acces­sories and more.  Make no bones about it… bone is in!
We love the detailing used by Made Goods in the Ines Chair and the intri­cate pat­tern and detail on Bliss Studio’s Tribal Bone Mirror.  Many of our favorite designers such as Made Goods, Bliss, and Bar­bara Cos­grove heard the design com­mu­nity had a bone to pick with them, so they have all responded in metic­u­lous fashion!  Acces­sories and fur­nish­ings of bone also com­pli­ment an array of styles from modern to tra­di­tional and all others in between!
Here are a few of our favorite ways to help you bone up on this must have look right now!
Clayton Gray Home Decor Bone
L to R:  Made Goods Ines Chair in Black, our Drum Table in Pol­ished Silver, Bar­bara Cosgrove’s Horn Sconces, our Bone Veneer Cock­tail Table, our Maharajah Bone Case, the Janson Striped Stool by Made Goods, and Bliss Studio’s Tribal Bone Mirror.

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