CGH On Point With Oxblood

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Okay, so you all know this season’s hottest hue we have been dis­cussing this past month…Emerald.  Now, a new trend seems to be emerging…Oxblood.  Also known as a deeper red, this color is sure to pack a punch.

Here Oxblood accents pair per­fectly with char­coal gray hues for a dra­matic pop! (Photo cour­tesy of Leclair Decor-​​Houzz)

Isn’t it funny how colors from the past are reemerging, but sep­a­rately standing on their own.  You remember sev­eral years back, jewel tones, emer­alds, oxbloods, mus­tards, aubergines were all the rage?  Well now they’re back, better than ever.  We love the thought of pairing Oxblood with neu­tral grays to add just the right bal­ance of hot and cold.
See a few of our very own Oxblood hued favorites…
 L to R:  Lucca Tufted Rug in Red, Lau­rent Glazed Red Leather Chair by Arte­riors home, Lacefield’s Union Jack Pillow, Emissary’s Dragon Stool in Red, Bun­galow 5 Parson’s Con­sole Table in Red, Urchin Set by Dwell Studio, our heart and dia­mond pouf, and Arte­riors Home Trish Desk Lamp.

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