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Here a gray Murano style chan­de­lier com­mands atten­tion all while tying into the neu­tral and gray pallet throughout the room. Photo cour­tesy of Shaker Inte­rior Design on Houzz.

If you’re looking for a way to add a bold state­ment to any room, whether it be more tra­di­tional or modern, look no fur­ther.  Glass chan­de­liers allow you to add high drama and style all while casting an artful glow throughout your home.

Glass chan­de­liers first became pop­ular during the 13th Cen­tury when all Italian glass makers were moved to the island of Murano, out­side of Venice, due to the risk of fire involved with the wooden struc­tures of the area.  

From this island, lighting mas­ter­pieces were cre­ated and found in stately homes throughout Europe.


The turquoise glass chan­de­lier in this children’s room plays off of the whim­sical and fem­i­nine touches, throughout. Photo cour­tesy of Cor­ner­stone Archi­tects on Houzz.

Fast-​​forward sev­eral hun­dred years to the 1950’s and 60’s.  During this period Murano Glass was pro­duced in great quan­ti­ties for export and for tourists, thus making its way to our side of the pond. 

Many of you also may be familiar with one of the greatest Amer­ican glass sculp­tors who also studied in Venice and Murano during this time, Dale Chi­huly. Chi­huly, born in Tacoma, Wash­ington, is known throughout the world for his beau­tiful works of art and blown glass fix­tures. If you’re lucky enough to live near one of his per­ma­nent col­lec­tions, we highly rec­om­mend the visit!


Shown here, this clear glass chan­de­lier plays off of the curves in the chair, while not over­shad­owing the col­orful acces­sories throughout the space. Photo cour­tesy of Ben Herzog Archi­tec­ture on Houzz.

While clear glass chan­de­liers create an impact without com­peting with other art­work or fur­nish­ings in a room, col­ored glass chan­de­liers really allow a fun pop of color to com­mand atten­tion, while playing up other accents in a room, cre­ating an overall balance.

Our favorite ways to go for the bold, with a few of our very own col­orful glass chandeliers…



L to R, Top to Bottom: Las­cala Chan­de­lier $1920, Moritz Pen­dant in Yellow $2365, Bella Vetro Chan­de­lier $1720, Flo­rence Chan­de­lier $2400, Shal­imar Chan­de­lier $1530, Biscay Pen­dant $380.

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