Back to School

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It’s that time again!  The kids go back to school!  Crazy how time flies when having fun in the summer.  We all remember get­ting new sup­plies for school was the best part to get excited about studying again.  Ahhh, the good ol’ days of Lisa Frank Trapper Keepers and pencil pouches…

We have pulled together some of those fun colors and whimsy themes and cre­ated a work sta­tion for your child (or your child within).

Puppy Book­ends ; Chloe Armchair-​​green-​​by Bun­galow 5 ; Emmy Mirror-​​Nickel ; Sabine Desk Lamp-​​polished nickel-​​by Arte­riors Home ; Jacqui Console/​Desk-​​white-​​by Bun­galow 5 ; Tribal Pillow-​​pink-​​by Trina Turk ; Acadia Wastebasket-yellow&cream-by Worlds Away

Check­list of back to school items:

How will you dec­o­rate your workspace?


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