Rainy Days Make it ‘Gray’

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Rainy Summer days are much enjoyed here in hot humid Florida.  Our numerous win­dows allow the gray stormy back­drop to dim the room.  The Brass Bub­bles Chan­de­lier reflects off of our custom gray boat paint lac­quered floors.  We keep the leopard umbrellas and trendy galoshes close by for when we dart out to the coffee shop down­stairs (yes, we are lucky to have one so close).   Below are some great finds we would love to share with our fellow rain-​​lovers…

1–Umbrella Chan­de­lier ; 2–Pre­cip­i­ta­tion Abstract Art­work  ; 3–Books to get lost in for hours ; 4–J.Crew Pocket Umbrella ; 5–Capri Blue Can­dles ; 6–Snail Pillow by Lace­field Designs ; 7–Pair of ‘Quick-​​Drying’ Acrylic Arm Chairs ; 8–Zebra Ceramic Umbrella Holder ; 9 & 10–Hunter Rain Boots

 Another great way to enjoy a rainy day is online shop­ping and pin­ning;-)  …or puddle-​​jumping!

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