Key to Organizing? Key Rack!

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Looking for a place to hang your hat & keys at the end of a long day??  Vagabond Vin­tage has designed the per­fect solu­tion to orga­ni­za­tional needs.  One of our most pop­ular ‘must have’ items has long been the Vin­tage Wooden Hotel Key Rack.  There is a place for one in every home!!  We LOVE finding out all of the cre­ative ways our cus­tomers use them in their day-​​to-​​day lives.  Here are just a few ideas for your key rack:

  • Ribbon Spool Orga­nizer (we use in our store)
  • Jew­elry
  • Scarves/​Hats/​Umbrella/​Purse (on bottom row)
  • Dog Leashes
  • FAVORITE: Weekday Cal­endar!!  How you ask?  Label Monday — Friday across each row.  Punch a hole on each end of the note­card and loop string through to hang from hook.  VOILA!  Schedule your chores/​appointments/​errands on one side and ‘done’ on the other side.  Flip it over after you com­plete each hectic day 🙂 Kids also really enjoy!

Busi­nesses from all walks of life fre­quently order our key racks:

  • Hotels
  • Architects/​Interior Designers
  • Real­tors
  • Golf & Country Clubs
  • Valet
  • Car Mechanics
  • Gyms
  • Dog Walkers

Since the Hotel Key Rack has been the rave locally and inter­na­tion­ally, Vagabond Vin­tage has intro­duced another com­pli­men­tary ver­sion: Rustic Key Rack.  Con­structed of 100% recy­cled wood and brass detail.  5 hooks with plenty of room!

WHAT WILL YOU USE YOUR KEY RACK?  Share your ideas and photos with CGH and we will fea­ture in our follow-​​up blog post.

3 Responses to Key to Organizing? Key Rack!

Hello, I do not see any­where on the site or this page where the price for this item is, and how I cam place an order for 2 of these if the price is not too high. Please reply to my inquiry asap. I have a guest house on Cape Cod and this key rack is absolutely per­fect for my needs. Thank You


Hi James,

Please visit the fol­lowing links to see our options for purchase.


If we can help with any­thing else, please send us a mes­sage at sales@​claytongrayhome.​com.



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