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Everyone loves chevron. A quick look at wikipedia taught me a few fun facts about this pat­tern that I did not know.

Chevron (also spelled cheveron, espe­cially in older doc­u­ments) is an inverted V-​​shaped pat­tern. The word is usu­ally used in ref­er­ence to a kind of fret in archi­tec­ture, or to a badge or insignia used in mil­i­tary or police uni­forms to indi­cate rank or length of ser­vice, or in her­aldry and the designs of flags.”

Chevron is wildly pop­ular and used in many ways. Take a look.

Chevron Dress

Chevron Tray

Chevron Art

Chevron Tile

Chevron Wall

Chevron IPhone Case

Chevron Cake

So why is chevron so pop­ular? It is bold, beau­tiful and fun. And it works in a variety of ways and spaces.

Bring some chevron into your home with our pil­lows. Just click on the image to pur­chase on our website.

Now tell us…how would you use chevron in your home?

3 Responses to Chevron 101

I am looking for chevron bath­room acces­sories, specif­i­cally a waste basket to jazz up a powder room. Seen any?


Hi Lynette!
Thanks for your ques­tion. We have some really cool waste bas­kets with a zebra pat­tern that is very sim­ilar to chevron. Take a look at the zebra sec­tion under “Get The Look” to see these cute items.


Hi Wendy–

Is this some­thing you have in stock or do I need to order it? I would love it in green.



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