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Wanting to fill every nook and cranny of a home is a common design mis­take.  Every room has ‘pos­i­tive’ and ‘neg­a­tive’ space.  What this means is the pos­i­tive is your focal point and neg­a­tive is the space sur­rounding this point.  It is impor­tant to have a bal­ance.  Think of a painting with a solid black vase painted in the middle — the neg­a­tive white space sur­rounding the object also has its own shape and iden­tity.  Both are equally impor­tant.  When adding design to a room, keep things open and inter­esting with fur­ni­ture, lighting and seating which uti­lize the illu­sion of shapes.  This may be achieved by the con­nec­tion of lines to create the neg­a­tive space as the focal point.
Negative Space - furniture

1. Moroccan Side Table — Noir ; 2. Kai Book­shelf — Arte­riors Home ; 3. Pivot End Table — Empo­rium Home ; 4. Leila Nesting Tables — seal sha­green — Made Goods

Negative Space - lighting

1. Metro Rec­tan­gular Chan­de­lier — Currey & Com­pany ; 2. Vienna Chan­de­lier — brass — Jonathan Adler ; 3. Grand Lotus Chan­de­lier — Currey & Com­pany ; 4. Whisk Pen­dant — Currey & Com­pany ; Metro Right Sconce — Currey & Com­pany
Negative Space - seating

1. Delia Chair — Empo­rium Home ; 2. Baxter Stool — Noir ; 3. Palm Beach Bar Stool ; 4. “Z” Occa­sional Chair — Noir ; 5. Loop Chair — metal — Noir 

 Still needing some inspi­ra­tion?  Start with taking a look around the rooms in your home.  Think of func­tion and the impor­tance of each piece.  If there is no func­tion or is unused, this is an oppor­tu­nity to replace with the needed neg­a­tive space.  Are there items that are too heavy or over­sized?  Chairs, fur­ni­ture, lighting?  Remove the weight and lighten up the design with some of our items shown above.  Also, shop our GET THE LOOK : NEGATIVE SPACE for more items

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