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Ini­tially thought to be gold, pyrite is com­monly called “fool’s gold”. Although it is most often found in the form of clus­ters and nuggets, pyrite is also formed into remark­able cubes and globes. Empo­rium Home has com­bined this stun­ning min­eral with satin brass to create exquisite acces­sories. Adorned with nat­ural pyrite jewels, the Pan­dora Pyrite Boxes and Pan­dora Pyrite Tray from Empo­rium Home are a study in the nat­u­rally chic! Use for stylish storage, ele­gant enter­taining or simply as a dec­o­ra­tive accent in any area of the home or office. You’d be a fool not to have one these in your home.

As with most min­erals, pyrite has some inter­esting feng shui qual­i­ties. This min­eral is highly ener­gizing and exudes its opti­mistic energy to the sur­rounding space. Pyrite, in all of its shim­mering glory, is the disco ball of min­erals and a must have in your home. In addi­tion to the pos­i­tive energy that pyrite releases, it is also a very solid and grounding mineral.

Pyrite is a very pro­tec­tive min­eral that can ward off neg­a­tive energy by pro­moting a happy and cheerful state of being.

A jack of all trades, pyrite can also share its qual­i­ties of shine and solid bright­ness to aid in better judge­ment and offer a clear mental state. It is by far the best stone to facil­i­tate suc­cess with any busi­ness endeav­ours, as well as aca­d­emic pursuits.

Pyrite will give you the triple threat of opti­mism, clarity, and phys­ical sta­mina nec­es­sary to pursue any of your endeav­ours. Can you think of a better partner?

Clayton Gray Home is filled with joy to have these pieces avail­able for your home. We are pos­i­tive that you will love them as well as our entire Empo­rium Home collection.


*feng shui infor­ma­tion bor­rowed from Rodika Tchi and About​.com — Feng Shui




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