Gifts for HIM

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It’s the age old dilemma, what do you get for the guys? Aside from sports tickets, elec­tronics and sto­gies, we have a plethora of great gift ideas for ‘him’.  Does he like to read?  Is he the drink mixer at your par­ties?  How about the boating type?  We’ve selected a fab­u­lous mix of ideas for the sophis­ti­cated man in your life. 

1. Pirate Scrimshaw Bone Etched Box 2. Sail­ship Scrimshaw Com­pass 3. Whale Scrimshaw Box  4. Cheers Mate Flask 5.Lub­bock Wall Sculp­ture  6.Vin­tage Alchemist Jars 7. Winter Cock­tails 8.Zebra Books 9. The For­getful Gentleman

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