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Foo Dogs, or guardian lions, are the ancient sacred guards of Asia. Known for their pro­tec­tive ben­e­fits, Foo Dogs have guarded palaces, tem­ples, tombs and homes of the wealthy for cen­turies. The Foo Dog is also known as the Hap­pi­ness Dog, an animal who is the symbol of energy and value. Although typ­i­cally dis­played as a pair, single Foo Dogs can also be used to keep evil spirits at bay. The term “Foo Dog” is actu­ally an Eng­lish and Western term used to ref­er­ence to the tra­di­tional lion figure. The con­flict of terms has also gar­nered the “Foo Dog” the title, “Lion Dog”.

Cer­tain home acces­sories come around every once in a while that are “must have” items. Foo dogs are one of the hottest home decor trends. Embodied in rich Chi­nese his­tory and tra­di­tion, the Foo Dog makes a strong state­ment in decor and adds style to any room. Pop­ular because of their meaning, these dogs have mag­nif­i­cent aes­thetic appeal and a rich his­tory of legend and tra­di­tion. Their faces have a mis­chie­vous and almost dev­ilish look about them. This appear­ance projects the idea that they guard against evil spirits. Want to make a pro­tec­tive state­ment for your home? Add them to the front porch or garden.

On the hunt for the right Foo Dog to com­ple­ment your homes decor? Clayton Gray Home offers a wide selec­tion of Foo Dogs in many shapes, sizes, and colors and a fab­u­lous selec­tion of chi­nois­erie choices. Once you iden­tify the per­fect pair of Foo Dogs for you, they can be used just about any­where; on a book­shelf, as table lighting next to the sofa, on a con­sole table, or even flanking a fire­place. There are end­less oppor­tu­ni­ties to dis­play your prized dogs. Enjoy this fung shui decor trend, and you may find it’s a keep­sake you’ll end up trea­suring for years.

1. Foo Dog Lamps in White by Bar­bara Cos­grove 2. Foo Dog Lamps in Key Lime by Bar­bara Cos­grove  3. Emis­sary Foo Dog Statues 4. Foo Dog Statue Book­ends  5. Foo Dog Lamps in Water­melon by Bar­bara Cosgrove


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