Bird Is The Word

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So we’re just in from market and we saw many favorite new trends that we will be dis­cussing, in detail, over the next few days.

The resounding trend from this market?  Birds! Bird was def­i­nitely the word from linens, to art­work, to lamps, this trend has def­i­nitely taken flight!

Our feath­ered friends can help flock your very own nest, when used in small doses, such as pil­lows to bring a little pop of color and whimsy into any room.  Want a little more drama?  Rep­e­ti­tion is key.  We rec­om­mend lining up rows of like bird vases or smaller acces­sories, in a flock, if you will, to create high drama in a large or small space!

Here are a few of our favorite aviary acces­sories that we rec­om­mend to adorn your own nest!

Bird is the Word - Clayton Gray Home

Here are some of our feath­ered friends to help flock your home.
(Photos cour­tesy of Clayton Gray Home)

Clock­wise from upper left corner: Our Flyers Art­work, Made Goods Avery Lamp, Dwell Studio’s Vin­tage Blossom Pillow in Per­simmon, Metal Pea­cocks Pair by Dwell Stu­dios, our Raven Birds Art­work, and our two new bird finds from market, making an appear­ance very soon at our shop!


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