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October is national breast cancer aware­ness month.  We at Clayton Gray Home are all on board to help with this cause that is near and dear to us all.  Chances are that either you, a friend, rel­a­tive, or co-​​worker have been affected by this dis­ease.  One in eight women will be diag­nosed with breast cancer in their lifetime.
The impor­tant factor is to be aware.  Stay on top of the latest studies and infor­ma­tion by reading the National Breast Cancer Foundation’s blog, for starters.  As their web­site states, “Their mis­sion is to save lives by increasing aware­ness of breast cancer through edu­ca­tion and by pro­viding mam­mo­grams for those in need.”  Read more here to learn about the dif­ferent stages, types, and how early detec­tion can make a difference.
We at Clayton Gray Home have chosen to donate 15% of the pur­chase of any items from our Dec­o­rate and Donate sec­tion on our site to the Mof­fitt Cancer Center Foun­da­tion, for the month of October.
Thanks, in advance for all of your help, each and every one of you!  Together we CAN all make a difference!

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