High Point Recap Day 3 — No Stone Left Unturned

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As the saying goes, “a rolling stone gathers no moss”.  Well this year at High Point, we found plenty of stones, pol­ished and primed to add the ulti­mate in sophis­ti­ca­tion to any home.  Whether paired with metal or wood, each show­room we vis­ited had some ele­ment of this trend, only a stones throw away.
Nat­ural stones bring an organic feel into both modern and tra­di­tional decor, offering a nat­ural, lay­ered effect.  The most pop­ular stones seen in High Point?  Quartz and Agate in all varying shades.  Our per­sonal favorite?  Arte­riors Bond Vin­tage Brass and Snow Marble Desk Lamp, shown below.  See a few of our other favorites mined from our own per­sonal collection!
Clayton Gray Home Decor Stone
Top to Bottom:  1. Bond Desk Lamp by Arte­riors Home, 2. Stoned Bar Set, 3. Made Goods Cobus Stool in Teak, 4. Made Goods Cole Stool, and Arte­riors Home Beau­mont Lamp.

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