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CGH match­sticks — all the rage!

We recently got in our ship­ment of CGH match­sticks and think they are pretty awe­some.  We at CGH are obsessed with any and every candle and thought it would be a great idea to have matches on hand to light on a whim.

They are not just any old match either — these are the longer matches which make it easier to light stub­born, hard-​​to-​​reach places.  We also took style into account when finding the per­fect shaped box.  What better size to put your matches in, than a lip­stick box size, of course.  Easily trans­portable in any purse or pocket.  Shouldn’t everyday items also have a little style?

Of course we will be including them with all of our candle orders and thank you gifts, but will hap­pily send them to any won­derful cus­tomer ‘just because’… so let us know if you would like, and we will send them right out to you…


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