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Looking to bring nat­ural organic ele­ments into your home?  Per­haps a rustic indus­trial look?  Use a tex­tured neu­tral like BURLAP!  This fabric adds warmth and com­fort.  Com­pli­ments indus­trial metals, lucite and bright colors.  Due to pop­u­larity in the design industry, the fibers from the “Jute Plant” are now refined through an ecofriendly process to be softer.

Out­side of the United States, burlap is referred to as ‘Hes­sian’.  Durable enough to trans­port coffee beans and with­stand heavy use in your home.  First exported from India in the 19th cen­tury, burlap has become a prat­ical and fash­ion­able fabric in inte­rior design.

Loris Ottoman- SmallQuatrefoil Burlap Throw Pillow - Red

 ABOVE ::: Left: Anchor & Rope Pillow by Lace­field Designs ; Center: Loris Ottoman by Noir ; Right: Qua­tre­foil Burlap Pillow by Lace­field Designs

BELOW ::: Left: Burlap Cube by Noir ; Center: Lucite Bench with Burlap Cushion ; Right: Grayson Chair

Not all Burlap is rough and uncom­fort­able!  We promise!  It is amazing how tra­di­tional yet pro­gres­sive the pro­duc­tion of this fabric has tran­si­tioned over the cen­turies.  Most burlap is blended with linen for soft­ness.  Linen comes from flax which is another organic mate­rial used since ancient Egyptian times.  Cotton is more elastic but linen is stronger.  Click on photos below to see more details.





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