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As a pro­fes­sional, I under­stand the impor­tance of cre­ating con­tent that is both infor­ma­tive and opti­mized for search engines. In this article, I will pro­vide a lot lease con­tract sample that land­lords and ten­ants can use as a guide when leasing a property.

A lot lease con­tract is a legal agree­ment between a land­lord and a tenant, which out­lines the terms and con­di­tions of renting a lot. Lot leases are common in mobile home parks, RV parks, and other prop­er­ties that require ten­ants to rent a lot for their res­i­dence. It is essen­tial to have a written agree­ment to pre­vent dis­putes between the land­lord and tenant.

Here is a sample lot lease con­tract that you can modify to meet your spe­cific needs:


This Lot Lease Con­tract (the “Lease”) is made and entered into on the _​_​_​_​_​_​_​ day of _​_​_​_​_​_​_​ [month], _​_​_​_​_​_​_​ [year], by and between [landlord’s name], here­inafter referred to as “Land­lord,” and [tenant’s name], here­inafter referred to as “Tenant.”

1. LOT LEASED. Land­lord hereby leases to Tenant the lot located at [address], here­inafter referred to as the “Lot,” for the pur­pose of Tenant’s use as a residence.

2. TERM. The Lease shall com­mence on _​_​_​_​_​_​_​ [date] and shall con­tinue for a period of _​_​_​_​_​_​_​ [months/​years], unless sooner ter­mi­nated as pro­vided herein.

3. RENT. Tenant shall pay Land­lord a monthly rent of _​_​_​_​_​_​_​ [amount] due on the _​_​_​_​_​_​_​ [day] of each month. Rent pay­ments shall be made to Land­lord at the fol­lowing address: [address]. Rent pay­ments shall be made in _​_​_​_​_​_​_​ [check, cash, etc.].

4. UTILITIES. Tenant shall be respon­sible for paying all util­i­ties, including but not lim­ited to elec­tric, gas, water, and sewage, used on the Lot.

5. USE OF LOT. Tenant shall use the Lot for res­i­den­tial pur­poses only and shall not use the Lot for any other pur­pose without the prior written con­sent of Landlord.

6. MAINTENANCE. Tenant shall keep the Lot, including any improve­ments made by Tenant, in a clean and orderly con­di­tion and shall comply with all applic­able laws and regulations.

7. PETS. No pets shall be allowed on the Lot without the prior written con­sent of Landlord.

8. DEFAULT. If Tenant breaches any pro­vi­sion of this Lease, Land­lord may ter­mi­nate the Lease by giving Tenant written notice of the breach and allowing Tenant _​_​_​_​_​_​_​ [days/​weeks] to cure the breach. If Tenant fails to cure the breach within the spec­i­fied time, Land­lord may ter­mi­nate the Lease without fur­ther notice.

9. ASSIGNMENT AND SUBLETTING. Tenant shall not assign or sublet the Lot, or any part thereof, without the prior written con­sent of Landlord.

10. GOVERNING LAW. This Lease shall be gov­erned by and con­strued in accor­dance with the laws of the State of _​_​_​_​_​_​_​.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the par­ties have exe­cuted this Lease as of the date first above written.


[Landlord’s sig­na­ture]


[Tenant’s sig­na­ture]

As a land­lord or tenant, it is impor­tant to have a well-​​written lot lease con­tract that out­lines all the terms and con­di­tions of leasing a prop­erty. This sample lease agree­ment can be mod­i­fied to fit your spe­cific needs and will pro­vide a frame­work for a suc­cessful landlord-​​tenant relationship.

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