Undue Reaffirmation Agreement

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You have the right to revoke any con­fir­ma­tion at any time before your dis­missal is seized or within 60 days of filing the stand-​​by agree­ment with the court, whichever hap­pens later. To cancel a repeat agree­ment, you must send the cred­itor written notice that you are with­drawing your deci­sion to recon­firm and revoke the con­tract. Send the orig­inal letter to the cred­itor and a copy to the administrator‘s office to be part of your file. Sub­di­vi­sion (a) of the rule is amended so that the entity sub­mit­ting the stand-​​by agree­ment to the Tri­bunal will also con­tain Offi­cial Form 27, the cover of the stand-​​by agreement.…

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