Bank Of America Treasury Management Agreement

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Focus on what‘s most impor­tant — your busi­ness. With all the excel­lent cash and trans­ac­tion man­age­ment ser­vices, you can manage your busi­ness more effi­ciently and effi­ciently. Take a moment to explore the fol­lowing options to see what com­bi­na­tion of ser­vices can improve your busi­ness. If your vol­umes and bal­ances increase and your finan­cial require­ments become more sophis­ti­cated, our cash solu­tions can offer greater con­trol over your working cap­ital through pay­ment, receiving, liq­uidity, fraud and account solu­tions. Mobile access to the cor­po­rate bank is as secure as the desktop depth of the insight of the forces that are redesigning the trea­sury. Every day poses unique chal­lenges, we strive to help you turn tech­no­log­ical advances into cash flow solu­tions. Pro­vide strategic advice that will help you stay pre­mo­ni­tion and post­pro­moon and pro­vide solu­tions that make busi­ness easier and safer. It is a smarter, more sophis­ti­cated cash rela­tion­ship that rede­fines knowl­edge and delivers effi­ciency. Web­sites may, from time to time, make avail­able to the cus­tomer var­ious licensed pro­grams (“licensed pro­grams”) of third par­ties (“providers”) that have been granted by Bank of America for cus­tomer use and/​or that require the cus­tomer to sign a third-​​party licensing agree­ment (“licensing agree­ment”). When using the licensed pro­grams, the client agrees that he can make a deal or a deal as cap­ital on secu­ri­ties or options based on those sites. In addi­tion, Bank of America or its sub­sidiaries, share­holders, direc­tors, exec­u­tives and/​or employees may, from time to time, have long or short posi­tions on these secu­ri­ties or in options, futures or other deriv­a­tives based on these secu­ri­ties. One or more direc­tors, exec­u­tives and/​or employees of Bank of America or its asso­ci­ated com­pa­nies may be the direc­tors of the secu­ri­ties issuer men­tioned on these sites. Bank of America or its asso­ci­ated enti­ties may have man­aged or co-​​administered an offer to the public of secu­ri­ties or invest­ment agents for a pri­vate place­ment of one of the issuers listed on the web­sites, or may pro­vide advice, advice, leasing, a credit appli­ca­tion, an invest­ment bank or other invest­ment banking or other invest­ment banking activities.

Secu­ri­ties, strategic advice and other invest­ment banking activ­i­ties are car­ried out world­wide by bank of America Corporation‘s invest­ment banking sub­sidiaries, including in India by DSP Mer­rill Lynch Ltd, which pro­vides the fol­lowing ser­vices in India: Research, Stock Sale — Trading, Futures — Options, Elec­tronic Trading, Equity Cap­ital Mar­kets, Debt Mar­kets and M-​​A. Invest­ment Prod­ucts May lose value. They are not guar­an­teed by the bank. Bank of America, National Asso­ci­a­tion, Hong Kong Branch, is a branch of a national banking asso­ci­a­tion that is orga­nized and incor­po­rated under the laws of the United States of America with lim­ited lia­bility. This doc­u­ment and its con­tents are used for infor­ma­tional pur­poses and should not be con­strued as banking or finan­cial inter­me­di­a­tion, a busi­ness appli­ca­tion and/​or a public offering of any kind. Intuit® Online Pay­roll is a product of Intuit Inc. You have to go to the Intuit site to log in and use the product. Bank of America is not respon­sible for Intuit Inc.‘s product or per­for­mance. Intuit and the Intuit logo are reg­is­tered trade­marks of Intuit Inc. used under license.

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