Accountable Body Agreement

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The LLEP Board of Direc­tors and its gov­er­nance struc­ture (where appro­priate del­e­ga­tion pro­grams are avail­able) is the strategic body respon­sible for deciding the activ­i­ties of LLEP and the LLEP pro­gram. How­ever, the respon­sible body is respon­sible for over­seeing the proper man­age­ment of finan­cial affairs within the LLEP with regard to public funds. Leicester City Council is the gov­erning body of llEP. A super­vi­sory func­tion: to ensure that public funds are treated in accor­dance with applic­able pro­ce­dures and sub­sidy con­di­tions and that funds are used according to ade­quacy, reg­u­larity and value for money. These include a mon­i­toring func­tion of processes such as the gov­er­nance of the LLEP and trans­parency agree­ments, com­pli­ance with the frame­work and an agree­ment on con­trol agree­ments, in order to ensure com­pli­ance with the mon­i­toring and reporting oblig­a­tions of the Sec­tion 151 officer; This includes the reten­tion of appro­priate doc­u­ments relating to funding deci­sions. The body account­able is also respon­sible for esca­lating con­cerns about non-​​delivery and/​or mis­man­age­ment if this cannot be resolved at the local level. A sup­port func­tion: pro­vide tech­nical advice on rel­e­vant leg­is­la­tion to dis­cuss the risks asso­ci­ated with reviewing a spe­cific approach that the LLEP Board of Direc­tors must review, develop funding agree­ments and con­tracts) when the LLEP Board of Direc­tors decides what to do next. The respon­sible agency can play a role in risk man­age­ment on behalf of SARA. The accounting body adds $50,000 to the annual budget itself. The respon­sible body deals with offi­cials in order to imple­ment the deci­sions of the joint com­mittee, the project man­age­ment group.

The respon­sible insti­tu­tion holds the annual budget on behalf of the joint com­mis­sion and other con­tracting par­ties. A funding func­tion: par­tic­i­pa­tion in public funds paid by the gov­ern­ment on behalf of the LLEP; There are three key areas for the respon­sible body: — the respon­sible body is not required to make pay­ments due under this agree­ment until the respon­sible body receives funds from the joint com­mittee in accor­dance with this clause 12.3. The respon­sible body is respon­sible for the pro­vi­sion of internal audit ser­vices to the joint com­mittee and audit reports relating to the joint com­mittee are reviewed by its audit com­mittee in accor­dance with the usual rules and prac­tices applic­able to it.

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